26th January 2020, New Delhi:   On the eve of the 71stRepublic Day, while the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change shared messages invoking the Indian nationals to take the onus and make this special day count for the betterment of the environment with waste segregation as one of the focus points, a south Delhi posh colony, Navjiwan Vihar made it in true sense. 

While addressing the overwhelming gathering of residents, and passionate children, Shri Vinay Bhasin, President of Navjiwan RWA, said that the children of this age are highly educated, enthusiastic, and possess leadership quality in truest sense. They have the capability to change mindset of their Parents. He lauded the children’s active involvement in waste management, water conservation and fighting against pollution. Shri Bhasin, who is a Senior Advocate of Supreme Court, and also belongs to a family of freedom fighters; expressed his delight as many representatives from other RWAs were also participated in the Republic Day celebration. He said, when residents of this country will be united with a commitment, any positive change could be attained.   

In her address, Dr. Ruby Makhija, Secretary of Navjiwan RWA declared the launch of Bio-Medical Waste (BMW) segregation from this auspicious day of the great Republic of India. She further deliberated on how 75 children made around 800 two ply newspaper bags that would be distributed to residents along with red stickers. The bags sealed with red stickers will be used by residents to dispose medical waste separately. 

She further presented the samples of special bags, which are distributed to their residents, for recyclable dry wastes. Dr. Makhija explained that the bags can be used for multiple times and each bag will last for 2 years. She expressed her thankfulness to Mr. Madhusudan and team ITC WOW for the bags. In addition, she also enlightened the audience on upcycled cloth bags, ready with us for distribution, stitched from bed sheets and curtains donated by residents. Dr. Makhija, who is an eye-specialist, by profession, emphasized that “each upcycled cloth bag saves around 1000 litres of water. And till now Navjiwan RWA has got 2000 such bags made from bedsheets, curtains, sarees and dupattas donated by residents, which was distributed to residents, domestic helps, guards, drivers, staff members, construction workers, markets and JJ clusters.”

Dr. Makhija also enlightened about their ongoing social movement “श्रमदान”, which she said is doing wonders on the Press Enclave Road. She extended her gratitude to SDMC, SSIL, PWD, and resident volunteers for the success. She further emphasized that “It will be great if we could take ownership and responsibility of keeping not only our homes, our colonies but also our neighborhood, our city and our country clean. We have adopted the motto - "My Delhi My Responsibility".

The programme was attended by many other guests including Green Park Extension RWA President, Mr. Nakul Sharan; Secretary, Ms. Neha Puri, Jt. Secretary, Ms. Neerja Chawla, Ms. Shilpa and others. 

As a regular practice in Navjiwan RWA, celebration of 71st Republic Day was also a zero plastic event. It was communicated by the RWA officials that crockery was borrowed from Crockery Bank, which could have saved around 600 disposables. Children were awarded certificates for their efforts and contribution in waste management and other environmental activities. 

The preparedness of BMW segregation is certainly a laudable initiative, which is highly infectious and pose a grave danger. According to a report more than 75 tonnes of untreated BMW is dumped in landfills, or abandoned plots or even drains in Delhi. 

The residents were upbeat as the event coincided with the 8th Episode of the popular ‘Mann Ki Baat 2.0’ of Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, in which he mentioned about the achievements in ‘No to single use plastic’, ‘sanitation and cleanliness’, amongst other points – which, they say, have been practically and successfully experienced in Navjiwan Vihar.

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